Key Contacts And Acknowledgments

Last update:  1 June 2018

  • Some key contacts   Many possibly obsolete  (see also Transport Strategies and Tactics):

    Highly recommended:  Wayne Grippin Construction & House Moving, Wayne Grippin:  Voice 503-585-5410.  Mobile 503-320-8337
    Also recommended:  Swanson Trucking:  Voice 503-668-0756, 503-760-2094, or 503-761-1013.  Pager 503-273-0866
    Hillsboro Towing, Mike:  Voice 648-0558.  Pager 940-6015
    Global Aviation, Brian Lockhart:  Voice 648-6403.  Fax 681-8844
    Aero Air, Line Service Manager Alan Jones:  640-3711
    Port of Portland, Hillsboro Airport, Steve:  Mobile:  720-9942
    Hillsboro Road and Traffic Coordination, Tim Drain:  681-6249
    Washington County LUT, Ron Sillett:  681-7080
    Washington County Fair Complex Administration, Bill McKinley:  648-1416

  • Acknowledgments:

    Tons of thanks to a terrific anonymous friend for providing high speed hosting and superb technical support for this site and others.  Profound thanks to Paul, Chris and Sean Denfeld for their remarkably high level of unwavering support and good cheer.  They are neighbors of our best dreams.  Profound thanks too to Julie and James Hanson, who provided the vehicle, the brains, and the brawn, and braved horrendous weather conditions to haul material to my home site, and who later helped me clean up the Fair Complex staging site, a mud fest of a job.  May pure hearts and wise foundations be rediscovered...  Similar thanks to many others, including Wayne Grippin Construction & House Moving, Swanson Trucking, Jim Freeman, Robert Baetke, and others too numerous to list, without whom this project would quite literally be impossible.  Human beings are frequently very cool!

    Kudos to all, especially the physically active, for their skill and determination under very difficult conditions during the Cornell Road crossing.  Thanks to Alan Jones, Lee Bryant, Aaron Bryant, Steve Boyce and others at Aero Air for de-fueling and preparing the aircraft and thus making the Cornell Road crossing possible.

    Many thanks to Mark Schomburg, who with energetic and daunting heart, keen practical skill, and day to day endurance spanning almost two decades helped me restore and maintain my aircraft. Mark more than any other has been at my side as we've shepherded my bird into the future, and for that and more I owe overflowing gratitude.

    Many thanks to Larry from Texas, who graciously and substantially contributed to this project both in hardware and spirit.  Larry's contribution of key components and enthusiastic support is very highly appreciated.

    Many thanks to television - youth exposure to occasional videos of the aircraft boneyards in Arizona provided original inspiration for the project.  Many thanks and congratulations to Joanne Ussery in Benoit, Mississippi, who demonstrated that a Boeing 727 home is attractive and viable, Bo Branch of Bo Branch Home Movers, Morgan City, Mississippi, voice 601-254-7162, who transported her aircraft, and The Memphis Group, Memphis, Tennessee, who provided her aircraft.  I follow in the path created by these trailblazers, and many others who explore and test alternative home options.

    Fellow nerds:  Check out Testec's ShortSniffer for finding the location of electrical shorts. It's well executed, inexpensive ($100 basic price), and very useful.

    Copyright 1 June 2018, Howard Bruce Campbell,

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