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Updated 21 April 2022

Notice:  Occasionally slow communication due to unusually limited Internet access and very weak cell phone capability:   In America my access to the Internet is currently limited, rarely including long periods with no access at all.  Usually I can respond to email messages within one day, but sometimes more time is required.  These problems might persist for weeks or months, or even years.  Also my interior cell phone reception is extremely weak so voice communication is essentially impossible unless arranged for an outdoor period.

Guests remain welcome as usual so please don't misinterpret these communication infrastructure problems as a privacy preference.  You're perfectly welcome to visit, explore, and capture media sans an appointment.  Please review my visitor's information, lodging guide, and media pages for guidance.

I'll restore a practical level of Internet access and possibly cell phone functionality when able, but prompt success seems unlikely.  However I expect to be able to keep,,, and up to date.

Contact Information:

Bruce Campbell
15270 SW Holly Hill Road
Hillsboro, OR 97123-9074

Miyazaki Shi
Tachibana Doori Higashi 4 Cyoume 5-13
East Tachibana 401
Bruce Campbell

American cell phone (voice only - use email for text):  (Pacific)
Nippon no keitai denwa: 
FreePP VOIP:  Bruce Campbell (1-)

Important email logistics:

Check your spam queues for my messages:   My messages are frequently mistakenly flagged as spam by email servers and applications.  Please white list and check your spam queues often.  If you don't receive a response from me reminder messages are welcome, but please also consider that my original reply may have been improperly queued or even deleted by your email provider or your email management application.

Remove major firm advertising from your messages:   I set my email servers to reject any message with any reference of any kind, including within links, due to a very serious privacy intrusion dispute.  No message with any reference, irrespective of context, will reach me.  And in general please remove all third party large corporation advertising, including minor ads such as "Sent from my iPhone" or similar.  They're clutter distractions which cause waste of time and resources with zero benefit to us - they're offensive.  Promotion of small enterprises you know personally and wish to help is fine when reasonable, and I do that too.  But large corporations should never force their advertising, irrespective of scope, into our private email affairs.  And if a corporate enterprise engages in privacy or other serious misconduct I'll block all references to them from the date of the offense.  So removing all their advertising material yields the highest level of email transmission reliability.

Letters, email, and gifts:  Thanks very, very much for your messages!  I often receive far more email messages, cards, letters, and even charming and valuable gifts than I can respond to or express sincere gratitude for, so my apologies but I'm overextended and thus can't always allocate time to reply to everyone.  But I do read all your messages with genuine attention and affection and carefully consider all suggestions.  And everyone's interest boosts my energy and spirits substantially so I'm sincerely grateful!  And I'm deeply grateful for the many very generous gifts and other expressions of kindness and affection I receive.  They all mean the world to me, truly.

I feel a very heavy sense of angst from my mortal inability to return extensions of heart and mind from many superbly charming, intelligent, and experienced people who connect with me - people with pure hearts give so much but receive too little from me in return, and this bears upon me very heavily.  But the practical reality is that I'm a mere mortal and simply can't maintain pace with the sheer volume of communication and social interest this vision generates, alas...

If I fail to respond to a message with important agenda, including press matters, or you simply desire my reply for personal reasons please remind me boldly and as often as seems necessary.  And if you're ever in the neighborhood please visit my home if practical.  In any case many thanks for your interest - I'm amazed, humbled, gratified, and sincerely grateful!

Will I respond to social web site invitations, including work related networking sites?:  No.  I don't entwine with third party controlled sites since their goals and ambitions and my sensibilities are nearly always in strong conflict.  Please see the lower section of my FAQ page for details about this.

Spam forged to appear to be from one of my domains:  My domains do not transmit spam!  If you received spam from any of my domains it was criminally forged with a fake return address as occasionally occurs with my domains (especially  None of my domains ever transmit unsolicited commercial email nor any email to quite large numbers of recipients, nor do they engage in ID theft, securities fraud, criminal conduct solicitations, nor push drugs, obesity cure fraud, predatory loans, erotica, nor any of the other crimes and overt fraud typical of spam.

My domains provide full SPF (Sender Policy Framework) support.  So if you received spam forged to appear to be from one of my domains your email servers probably fail to support this important protection.  Please ask your email service provider to rectify this oversight.

If time permits please also parse the expanded headers to determine the IP addresses of the true ISP and server firms involved, or use SpamCop or similar to automatically do so, then forward the spam with its expanded headers to those ISP and server firms.  Then permanently delete the message.

Please don't report the spam to me - I didn't send it and I can't do anything more than I already do to try to prevent it.  Protect your personal information rigorously.  Never respond directly to spam because doing so reveals your email address to destructive criminals.  And never reveal any personal information to anyone or any site sans certain confirmation of their true identity.

No Spam Notice:  UCE (spam) or any unsolicited or subscription based email distributed on an "opt out" basis is absolutely prohibited.  Do not ever send any such email to,, nor any of my other domains.  I absolutely never tolerate it, and any entity which ever sends any spam to me is permanently blacklisted, forever forfeiting any opportunity to conduct any business of any kind with me.

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