24 September 1998

These drawings, superimposed on USGS satellite images, illustrate the Cornell Road crossing in detail, including tow track specifics and dimensions. On Cornell Road, steel planking is required under the main gear, and plywood planking is required under the nose gear.

Cornell Road Crossing Detail LR .gif, 72 dpi (199 KB)

Cornell Road Crossing Detail HR .gif, 144 dpi (574 KB)

Detour Route:

History - This area needs updates: This project's Boeing 727-200 aircraft, registration N727SH, is expected to arrive at the Hillsboro airport at about 10:00 AM on Friday, 30 October 1998, landing on runway 30-12, unless unforeseen weather, mechanical, or logistics difficulties cause a delay. The aircraft will not be carrying a significant cargo, landing at about 100,000 pounds weight.

The aircraft will taxi via the route illustrated on this web site, with minimal routing on the taxiways, immediately to the Aero Air ramp, where it will be parked, defueled and inerted as promptly as is practical.

If the work schedule holds, and the turf is sufficiently firm, early the next morning (Saturday), starting at midnight (end of Friday, beginning of Saturday), the aircraft will be towed to the threshold of runway 30, then south across the airport property turf, continuing south across Cornell Road and the field east of the Cavanaugh's property, then west to a Fair Complex location adjacent to the south border with the Cavanaugh's property.

The length of time required for this operation is difficult to judge and is dependent upon how firm the turf areas are. If the operation proceeds in a reasonably uneventful manner, the aircraft may arrive at Cornell Road by about 1:30 AM, and then arrive south of the Cavanaugh's property, and thus clear of the runway 30 approach, by about 3:30 AM. However, if the operation is slowed by mechanical problems or extra labor required to deal with turf problems, the time could increase significantly.

If the operation appears risky in terms of safety issues or the possibility of becoming stuck in a turf area, it will be aborted and the aircraft towed back to Aero Air, delaying the Cornell Road crossing for at least a day.


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