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Images and movies captured 7 July 2000.  Many thanks to sculptor Nik Mills, third and twelfth still image, and Annie, third still image (cockpit window), from Boulder, Colorado, who very kindly captured all of these during a recent visit, and who rolled up his sleeves and helped with the construction too.  See Nik Mill's projects at

Short mpeg movies, which should download to your media.  From there you can watch them using a QuickTime player, a Windows movie player, or other mpeg compatible movie players.  (The images are obsolete now - see the note below):

Stills.  (Obsolete now.  All the stacks of wooden blocks supporting the wing stubs and rear fuselage are gone, and the aircraft is now supported solely by its main landing gear, which, for the time being, rest on short 8 x 8 foot platforms built from railroad ties, and the nose gear, which rests on a thinner platform built mostly out of 8 x 4 foot hard foam insulation panels.  The landing gear struts were inflated too, so the fuselage is now a bit higher off of the ground, and the air stairs are fully extended and clear the ground at the bottom by a few inches.  Also, the full thrust reverser has been mounted on the center engine nacelle, and the three partial thrust reversers moved to a temporary storage location behind the aircraft.  The aircraft and the site are now a great deal cleaner and nicer looking as a result of this progress.  See the media and progress page for later media and commentary):


Images captured 29 June 2000. Many thanks again to the always amiable Ron Sillett, who captured these during a recent visit.

Images captured 19 February 2000.  The file sizes vary from about 100 to 200 KB.  Many thanks to Bob and Maria Swanson, who graciously provided the digital camera.  My apologies for the rather low quality though.  It was a bright day and the stark light and dark contrasts overwhelmed my photographic skills, especially with a camera I wasn't accustomed to.

Images captured 22 October 1999  (The exterior shots are terribly obsolete, but the interior shots are still pretty close to reality, except for the left cockpit wall.  The file Sizes vary from about 200 KB to a bit over 300 KB.  Many thanks to the always amiable Ron Sillett, who captured all but the last of these last October.  The dorky looking guy in three of these is yours truly, the last at Sue & John's Halloween party.

Copyright 2000, Howard Bruce Campbell,

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