Transport Cradles

16 January 2003:

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The first seven are historical images, and the only images of the cradles as they were used that I could find in a quick search. But more exist - advise me if you'd like me to find and post them.

The mains cradle is on my property as shown, and it's intact and available for use. I don't know offhand what it weighs, but it might be in the rough area of one ton. I'm almost certain that it's two vertical pillars, at the ends as shown in the 8th image, mount to the trailing heavy wing spars that the inboard flap tracks normally mount to as shown in the center of the 12th image, using the bolts shown in the 8th image. So to mount it, the two inboard most flap tracks have to be removed, but that's a relatively easy and nondestructive job.

While no trouble with the mains cradle occurred during our move, the white beams did flex considerably. However, evidently the flex didn't exceed the beams' elastic limit since they appear to have recovered to their original straight shape. In my opinion though, it would be wise to insert additional steel into the hollow white beams so as to stiffen them to provide additional safety margin and greater visual confidence in the integrity of the mains cradle. The inserted steel doesn't necessarily need to be welded into position - any simple stop bolt or similar obstruction at the ends of the white beams that would prevent the internal stiffeners from creeping out would be sufficient to secure them.

The nose cradle was removed from my property roughly two years ago by Swanson Trucking. Sadly, it now appears that this cradle was completely dismantled, and it's components either used in other projects or recycled. It's a shame...

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